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Welcome to our testimonials page. Real comments from real customers.

Coming into this season, I did not know what to expect. I hadn’t been in a racecar in over two years and had hardly turned any wrenches since then. Circle Track Specialties provided me with insight, knowledge, and a product that would not only impress me, but everyone involved with me at the track. The car was fast right away and very comfortable, even for a driver that had not been on track in a while.

I have made it a point to listen to Dan Heying from Circle Track Specialties and heed his advice, and it has proved to be the right move. Dan takes all the information you give him and is able to process it in such a way so as to provide you with the best possible solution. He is not pushy and definitely not a cut throat salesman. He will always do what he can to save you a dollar and is patient with people’s budgets. Dan is always looking to help and will stand by his product and correct what is wrong. Case and point: He provided me with complete quick change rearend housing. The right rear seal was bad and leaked. He disassembled the differential and replaced it no charge, no questions asked. With Circle Track Specialties help, I will undoubtedly experience success on the track in the very near future.

Louis Goss #74
The last couple of years we had been struggling with consistent set-ups. We could qualify into the feature, but had problems putting together a set-up that was good from start to finish. Dan Heying from Circle Track Specialties (CTS) thought he could help us put together consistency. He was very clear this wasn’t going to happen overnight, as he put it “baby steps”.

We put the CTS suspension/geometry in the car the beginning of the 2012 season. Week two we wrecked, Dan put a new front stub on and had us back on the track the very next week. He always gave us various cost options, never pushed one thing as the “magical” answer that was going to cure all.

Throughout the year Dan worked with us many hours at the track, he asked lots of questions to determine what the car was doing, and at times we did struggle. Finally, it all came together! At the end of the season we ran better than we ever had. We now feel we have a strong foundation for the 2013 race year. Thank you Circle Track Specialties – Dan Heying!!

Quam Racing #4
Chris Quam